AstrojanTools is a software for astronomical photographers that works with the Canon EOS series. It's the result of a private software project that makes photography more comfortable to me and to people who like to use it. Why did I name it AstrojanTools ? My nickname in astronomical forums is Astrojan. That's all.

With AstrojanTools you can

    • powerful focusing
    • taking photos as single shot or sequence shot
    • dithering with PHD Guiding
    • positioning
    • analysing and document pictures

The usage is free.

Questions ? Problems ? Suggestions ? Sign to AstrojanTools Yahoo-Group (english).

Fragen ? Probleme ? Anregungen ? Treten Sie der deutschsprachigen AstrojanTools Yahoo-Gruppe bei.

 Version available (01/03/2014)

Please read history and load new version from here.

Note: Users with old models 350D, 20D and 5D have to rename file EDSDK_2_11.dll to edsdk.dll (rename contained edsdk.dll to edsdk_2_12.dll). This is the Canon interface lib and old models are not supported by the current version 2.12.

300D isn't supported by Canon interface library. Sorry.

Only the newest official and beta version gets support.