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Version History

01/03/2014 Version


- bug fixes


12/22/2013 Version 1.6.4


- Integration of Astrometry.NET

- Tab Image can now save TIF and PNG files

- Support of Astrotortilla 


10/17/2013 Version 1.6.2

bugs fixed:

- Error 97 fixed when disconnecting from camera at running Live View and closing AJT

- Include focal length at file names in sequences: checkbox wasn't set at startup if active in previous session

- Rotation angle and dithering active/not active included in sequence information file

changes made

- ASCOM focuser handling changed

- Rotation angle can be included in file names (Sequence shooting)

- New Color Channel mode "R/G/B": shows RGB profile of marked star

See new manual for further information.


05/02/2013 Version 1.6


bugs fixed:

 - An user which using generic ASCOM LX200 driver has tested with me. Very minimalistic functionality, using only
  comands to read out RA and DEC. Now should work with every ASCOM mount driver.

 - An user with 5D and 350D has tested with me bulb exposure over serial bulb cable.

 - Debugged program flow for camera models with B-Mode on rotary switch.

 - Device busy errors: make more tries to access camera

 - Object in use errors: handling of picture boxes changed

 - Tested with 20D as Non-Live View model. Bugs fixed.

 changes made

 - Mirror Locking implemented. You need a serial or parallel cable and the TV value must be "Bulb".

 - New function "Set object display offset"/"Clear offset" at Focusing/Positioning.
  Corrects object display position without modifying ASCOM position. It is only a internal offset and you can set it as often as you need.

 - Tab "ASCOM" always connects to the last choosen telescope/simulator if "Auto connect to ASCOM" is set.
   "Use simulator" has been omitted.

 - Tab "ASCOM" has new field "Site Latitude" (your location). Default setting is "North".

 - Implementation of ASCOM Focusers in Tab ASCOM. You can use the focus buttons in Tab "Focusing/Positioning":
  Button A and R switch between absolute (going to a specified position) and relative moving (like "move x steps in
  or x steps out"). So you can, if you are using a focuser with absolute mode, choose a absolute position and then make
  a fine tuning of the focus. Set the positions and steps for relative movements in Tab ASCOM and save the configuration.

Note: Users with old models 350D, 20D and 5D have to rename file EDSDK_2_10.dll to edsdk.dll (rename contained edsdk.dll to edsdk_2_11.dll). This is the Canon interface lib and old models are not supported by the current version 2.11.

300D isn't supported by Canon interface library. Sorry.

 03/06/2013 - Version 1.5.1

bugs fixed:

  - Mouse coordinates in tab "Image" corrected (RotateAngle)

  - Exposure and processing time display in single shot and live view tab corrected

  - setting Autofocus if no objective is plugged has confused cameras. No usage after restart possible
     ("Device busy")

changes made:

  - Program window sizeable

  - tab "Image": searching objects form object catalog enables checkbox "Objects"

  - tab "Image": Demo enables checkboxes for objects, coordinate grid, coordinates and mouse position,
    set rotation angle etc. regarding the demo image M45 (object catalog and fov must be loaded/set)


02/10/2013 - Version 1.5

bugs fixed:

- when sequence paused and then continued button Pause didn't change from Continue to Pause

- debug log didn't show the correct file names with user values only raw file names from camera

- file names didn't contain focal length if objective isn't mounted

- bug in position adjusting corrected if rotation angle is set to 90, 180 or 270

- error message at activating object display if no focal length is set

- error at writing information file fixed (System.ObjectDisposed Exception)

- if a new round begins there came always a user dialog "Shooting type is changing from to Light.
Please click ok to go on.". Fixed


changes made

- all calculations for object display, measuring and grid are now based on spherical coordinates

- display of coordinates at mouse position (only ASCOM version in Live View, both versions in Tab

- "Save to camera" only in sequence shooting possible. Moved control to register Sequence

- Integrated Canon EDSDKlib V2.11 (support for the EOS 5D MarkIII/EOS 1D X/EOS Kiss X6i/

Note: It seems so that 20D is not supported furthermore (?). If you have problems (camera not
detected) please copy edsdk.dll from version 1.4.2 into program folder

- Secs value in sequence table will not be deleted if TV changed to another value as "Bulb". Only
read access is set.

- Column "Secs" in sequence table renamed in B-Secs (= Bulb Secs)

- Sequence can be started at defined date/time


11/20/2012 - Version 1.4.2

- dithering with PHD Guiding available ! See FAQ to get more information


- new checkbox "read out focal length" in Settings (only for standard objectives)
- turn off and save to camera controls centralized in Settings
- single shot control rebuilt


11/11/2012 - Version 1.4.1

- changes in mask "Focusing/Positioning":
new controls "Inv RA"/"Inv DEC" to invert cross hair, object positions and photo/telescope
synchronisation. "Disable" turns off photo/telescope synchronisation (previous found in
mask ASCOM)
- names of objects and direction names of cross hairs are now always upright. In
previous versions I've only rotated the bitmap.
- changed the button text of sequence start/stop button if sequence ist active: "Exposure"
is named "Stop"
- 1.4 was delivered with wrong canon lib. 20D (and other type ?) was not found.
- bugs fixed

10/30/2012 - Version 1.4

- 3 color schemes (night, B/W, gray)
- new register Quality Control with histogram
- improved focusing with FWHM values
- not used control tabs can be hidden
- corrected bugs
- sequence handling changed
- new column "type" instead of drop down box "Picture Mode"
- focal length can be placed in file name
- read out the focal length from photos if working with objektives
- new file name scheme for the sequence information file
- improvement in displaying objects
- actual NON-Ascom version available
- etc.


03/01/2012 - Version 1.3 beta13

Bugs fixed

- there came an error message after every photo in sequence shooting when not
made a single shot before (System.ArgumentNull.Exception)
- there came sometimes an error message after the last photo when "Save information
to file" is activated and the last photo was not logged in the file.


12/11/2011 - Version 1.3 beta12

Bugs fixed

Beta version for testing without actual manual.
A lot of new functions, more stable.


10/27/2011 - Version 1.3 beta9 (placed in archive)

Beta version for testing without actual manual.
A lot of new functions, more stable.

05/16/2011 - Version 1.2 beta2 (placed in archive)

- new button “Pause” in Sequence Shooting

- low battery check at Sequence Shooting and Live View. Enables the user to
change battery without disconnecting camera

05/02/2011 - Version 1.1

- Software is based on Canon interface library Version 2.10 (supports 600D and 1100D)

- Changes in Settings. If right camera type cannot recognised by software, e.q. because of
different names in different countries like “EOS 350D Digital” in europe and
“EOS Kiss_N Rebel_XT 350D” in U.S., the camera type has to be set manually in Settings.

- Changed Bulb exposure start/stop for newer models (550D)

- Revised Manual



04/19/2011 - Version 1.0